Rosemount Museum

419 West 14th Street
Pueblo, Colorado 81003
(719) 545-5290

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Rosemount Events

For more information and specific dates on any events on this page, be sure to check our updated calendar.

Museum Closed

~ January ~

In order to keep Rosemount up-to-snuff, the Museum staff cleans the entire house and grounds during the month of January, along with other necessary maintenance, to ensure the longest lasting, most beautiful presentation to the public Rosemount can offer.

The Museum opens back up on February 1st of every year.

Valentine Couple Tours

~ February ~

With a romantic dinner at the Carriage House Restaurant and a fabulous tour of Rosemount Museum, who could ask for a better date this Valentine season? Call the museum at (719) 545-5290 to inquire on this delight you can't miss out on.

Easter Egg Hunt

~ March ~

Bring the kiddies along for our annual Easter Egg Hunt. With the help of our Junior Docents, we hide eggs across Rosemount's grounds, and even have an Easter Bunny to help the really young ones find those eggs. Refreshments and a good time are sure to be had for all.

Meeting of Membership

~ April ~

The annual Meeting of Membership is to discuss just that - members of the museum.

Mother's Day Brunch

~ May ~

Show your Mom your appreciation for her and take her out for brunch at the Carriage House Restaurant this Mother's Day. With a beautiful atmosphere and decadent food, there is no better place to experience the elegance of Victorian-style dinning.

Historic Preservation Day

~ May ~

A day dedicated to the continuance of establishments such as Rosemount Museum.

Outdoor Weddings

~ June - Sept. ~

Discover more about Weddings at Rosemount.

The Stomp-On

~ August ~

An annual fundraiser for Rosemount Museum.

Treasure Trove, Craft and Antique Sale

~ September ~

An annual event for people who dig antiquity items. With booths spread across the entire grounds of Rosemount, there is no doubt you'll find something you treasure.

Halloween Story Telling

~ October ~

For the spooky time of the year comes spooky stories that can only be delivered from Rosemount itself.

Christmas at Rosemount

~ Nov. - Dec. ~

Beginning the Friday after Thanksgiving, Rosemount Museum is beautifully decorated, inside and out, with the spirit of the Christmas Season. You'll find extravegant decor throughout the entire house - a must see for anyone who hasn't visited Rosemount during the winter months.

Self-guided tours are available the last two weeks of December, and admission time ends at 3 PM instead of 3:30 PM.

Museum Membership Open House

~ November ~

A special treat for Members only of the Museum.